2016 9.16`10.2 JUKE JOINT TOUR 2016

2016 10.22 welectronics guitar 2016 Oct.x

2016 9.16 NEW RELEASE !! analog 7inch single PART2 wBlack frug EPx

2016 6.24 NEW RELEASE !! analog 7inch single wGenoa close EPx



MV/Black frug : 7inch single"black frug EP"sideA(2016) NEW!!

MV/level five : 7inch single"black frug EP"sideB(2016) NEW!!

MV/genoa close :7inch single"genoa close EP"sideA(2016) NEW!!

MV/B.D.Son :7inch single"genoa close EP" sideB(2016) NEW!!


MV/He loved his wife dirly and he lost his reason when she dead with okumura mondo :Mario found me a good exit TruckB(2014)
MV/wayfarerman :12inch single sideA Truck@(2012)
MV/Mario :DISCO TAPE TruckB(2011)
MV/mamashit :wednesday TruckB(2001)

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