2017 9.22folk enough AnthologywDUST OF folk enough 1996-2017x(Live space only)Release !!!

2017 10.23 wDUCKTAILS~PARASOL JAPAN TOUR 2017xsupoeted by electronics guitar

2016 9.16 analog 7inch single PART2 wBlack frug EPx

2016 6.24 analog 7inch single wGenoa close EPx



MV/Black frug : 7inch single"black frug EP"sideA(2016)

MV/level five : 7inch single"black frug EP"sideB(2016)

MV/genoa close :7inch single"genoa close EP"sideA(2016)

MV/B.D.Son :7inch single"genoa close EP" sideB(2016)


MV/He loved his wife dirly and he lost his reason when she dead with okumura mondo :Mario found me a good exit TruckB(2014)
MV/wayfarerman :12inch single sideA Truck@(2012)
MV/mamashit :wednesday TruckB(2001)

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